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Multi-Gyn has a wide range of products treating odor, itch, discharge and dryness. They provide direct relief, are hormone free and based on natural ingredients.

Thrush or BV?

If you are not really sure you are dealing with thrush, you are most likely suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), which is the most common vaginal infection.

Check out the products below to pick the right one for your symptoms. Both products provide relief in an instant!

ActiGel treats unpleasant odor (a fishy smell), watery discharge and irritations related to bacterial vaginosis.

FloraPlus treats itch, irritation and white crumbly discharge caused by trush/vaginal yeast.

Are you still unsure? Here is a tip: Use our solution finder.

This all sounds great, but how does Multi-Gyn work?

An imbalance of the vaginal flora is one of the most common causes of discomforts such as odor, itch, dryness, a burning sensation and unpleasant discharge. Multi-Gyn products restore the natural balance and will also give direct relief.

The hero ingredient is 2QR-complex, a natural molecule extracted from the plant Aloe Barbadensis.

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Where can I buy Multi-Gyn products?

Hooray, you are super close getting rid of your vaginal discomforts! Multi-Gyn products can be bought without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores.