Vaginal care (how to take care of your vagina)

Your vagina is essentially designed to be self-cleaning and the key to good vaginal health is to take care of yourself in general, by eating a balanced diet and exercising. But even a healthy vagina can benefit from a regular intimate care routine. A vast majority of women shave or wax their pubic hair today, and these common hair removal methods can cause issues like irritated skin, red spots and uncomfortable itching. Many women also feel an increased need for vaginal care during menstruation and after childbirth, when the skin is more sensitive than normal. Having an intimate care routine doesn’t need to be complicated and can go a long way towards preventing discomforts and feeling clean and refreshed in the vaginal area.


Shaving is a low-cost hair removal method that can easily be done at home, so it comes as no surprise that it’s by far the most common hair removal method. The downside is that it has a tendency to cause irritated skin, itching, red spots, cuts, ingrown hair and infection. Most women remove at least some of their pubic hair and styles range from light trimming to going completely bald. Regardless of which style you choose, always use a sharp razor and consider trimming your pubic hair with scissors before you shave. Follow these simple steps to ace your shaving routine and minimise the risk of irritation:

Wash the vulva with a mild, pH-balanced mousse like Multi-Gyn FemiWash to clean the skin and allow for a closer and smoother shave.

Apply a thick shaving cream and shave in the direction of the hairs to avoid cuts and ingrown hairs. Rinse the hair off your razor after each stroke and try not to go over the same spot more than once.

Rinse off, pat dry with a clean towel and apply Multi-Gyn IntiSkin for a pleasant, cooling effect. Multi-Gyn IntiSkin also calms and moisturizes irritated skin.


Washing the vulva (the outer parts of your genitals) regularly can help you feel clean and refreshed, but don’t overdo it. Washing the vulva once a day, or twice a day during menstruation, is plenty. Avoid using perfumed soap in your intimate area and preferably choose a hygiene product that is specifically formulated for the vulva, like Multi-Gyn FemiWash.

During menstruation and after vaginal sex, you may also want to clean the vagina (the inner parts of your genitals). If so, flush it out using Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche, a female-friendly, squeezable bottle with a flexible bottleneck. You can use the douche in combination with specifically formulated Multi-Gyn Tablets or just lukewarm water. 

Hygiene on the go

Are you in-between showers or need to refresh down there on the go? There’s a fix for that as well. Clean the vulva, then apply some Multi-Gyn IntiSkin for a cooling, soothing effect. This simple routine effectively cleans the vaginal area and eliminates odour, leaving you feeling refreshed. Both products can be used as often as you like and fit easily in your purse.


Many women experience discomfort and sensitive skin in the vaginal area during pregnancy and after birth. During this time, you may need to complement your regular hygiene routine with products specifically formulated for maternity. Multi-Gyn Compresses can help soothe sensitive skin and support the natural healing process in the intimate area during pregnancy and after birth.

Tips for vaginal care

When it comes to your vagina, an ounce of prevention can go a long way. Check out these intimate care tips to minimise the risk of irritation and keep your intimate area healthy – inside and out:

  • Wear white underwear from natural materials, preferably cotton
  • Avoid wearing thongs
  • Wash underwear with unscented detergent and rinse well
  • Consider sleeping without underwear to let your vagina breathe
  • Always choose hygiene products specifically formulated for intimate care
  • Avoid feminine hygiene products like feminine sprays and deodorants, scented oils, bubble baths, bath oils, talc and powder
  • Use a water- or silicon-based vaginal moisturiser to treat dryness
  • Try a vaginal lubricant to treat dryness during sex