Care for the external intimate area

Multi-Gyn Compresses

12 compresses
  • Soothing effect on sensitive skin after giving birth
  • Supports the skin’s natural healing process
  • Unique soft, protective compress
  • Ideal for use after childbirth

About the product:

Irritations, rashes, or overstretched tissue? Multi-Gyn Compresses soothe sensitive skin in the intimate area and support healing. Ideal for use after giving birth.


Yes, absolutely. In fact, the intended use is for the external intimate area after giving birth.

It depends on the severity of your discomforts. 3 to 4 compresses per day or whenever relief is desired. You could change the compress every time you change your sanitary napkin after childbirth, or when you visit the toilet.

The longer the contact time, the better the effect. Try for a least 10 minutes and aim for one hour.

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